Commercial bin cleaning

Enviro Bin Cleaning serves a wide range of commercial establishments and business owners with our top-quality commercial bin cleaning services. If you are based in Craigavon, or anywhere in Lisburn or Belfast, contact us for further details.

Safe and effective bin-cleaning service

Enviro Bin Cleaning offers your business a unique, safe and effective bin-cleaning service. Even the largest commercial bins (up to 1100 litres) can be safely lifted into our state-of-the-art bin-cleaning truck, eliminating any potential risk to your employees from manual handling. You can rest assured that our team of operators are experienced and fully trained.

Highly effective bin cleaning

Enviro Bin Cleaning is the only in-truck bin cleaning system in the UK. We use high-pressure water jets in a purpose-built, sealed chamber of our truck to thoroughly clean your bin – inside and out. No harsh chemicals are used and we don’t dump contaminated water into drainage systems.
Our unique bin washing process means you get a quick, effective and affordable service which leaves your bins clean, safe and fresh.

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