Domestic bin cleaning

Enviro Bin Cleaning offers domestic bin cleaning at competitive prices. While we are based in Craigavon, we serve customers across Lisburn and Belfast.

Protect your family from the germs that lurk in your bin

Bins harbour huge amounts of germs and bacteria, many of which could be very harmful to you and your family. E-Coli, salmonella and staphylococcus are just some of the dangerous germs found in your average household wheelie bin. If left to multiply, these germs can cause stomach upsets, skin disorders, and even fatal illness.

Our safe, effective cleaning system

After just two weeks, the bacteria in your wheelie bin can reach very dangerous levels, but regular cleaning and disinfecting will ensure that bacteria levels inside are kept to a minimum, and your family kept safe.
Our unique cleaning system is safe, environmentally-friendly and highly effective. All water is contained within the purpose-built cleaning chamber in our truck, so no mess is left near your house or dumped into drains.

How it works

We arrange a visit every 4 weeks after your bin is emptied on your collection day.
Your bin is professionally cleaned, disinfected and deodorised within a sealed chamber in our truck.
Your bin is returned to your drive or garden.
All the dirty water is removed by our truck, so there’s no mess or fuss.

For quality domestic bin cleaning, call us on
0752 100 3742